Thursday, 5 November 2015
5 Things Your Website Needs To Succeed!

Too many businesses have websites that are outdated, ineffectual or simply not optimized correctly. Sometimes it is the visuals and design, sometimes user interface and some of it the unseen structure and SEO. All of these things are essential components to a truly effective website. It may be that you have one, some or all of these to address, but chances are, one of these things is lacking on your current website. Take a look at these 5 Keys To A Successful Website.

1. Design:

We are told over and over that people make a judgment about a thing or person in less than 7 seconds. This means when someone lands on your website, before they read your content or look for their next step; they are judging your business in a instant. There are many factors that go into a good design. It takes a harmonious partnership with a professional designer and your good understanding of your business and your audience. You should be monitoring your competition and blowing them out of the water. Take a look at our portfolio here. Is your website making the instant impression you want it to?

2. Content: 

The substance of each of your pages is some of the most important elements of your online success. It is so often given little attention as the design process is focused on and then old, dull content plopped on the pages. Everything on your website shout have a purpose. The words should reflect who your business is and clearly give your audience what they need. Your content should be full of diverse, rich keywords. It should be laid out in a specific order to guide your customer on the path you designed for them. You need obvious calls to action, well-placed links and reassuring placement of testimonials, reviews, awards and affiliations. There is an awful lot of fairly simple changes and additions you can make that will have a very positive impact on the user experience on your website and ultimately your online success.

3. Blogs & Social Media:

A blog on your website is a great tool to engage followers and also to attract Search Engines. The blog format makes for a flexible platform to entertain, inform and sell. It in conjunction with social media platforms creates a dynamic production of content and interaction that can engage and capture your target audience. The constant stream of changing content also lets the search engines know you are an active entity to take notice of. Then they scan the content; better make sure it is full of great keywords, links and original content! To see more on why you should use Social Media see our article here

4. SEO:

Your website content and blog are all important parts of strong Search Engine Optimization. However underneath the surface of what the public can see is a layer of settings that Google and its cohorts are paying attention to. These are important elements such as HTML title tags, Meta Tags, Keywords and HTML Meta Descriptions. These all play important rolls in the effectiveness of your search placement and how you are displayed. There are also techniques and best practices such as earning back links by honest involvement in highly regarded websites and making good use of certain tools such as Google plus and other Google tools available. There is a variety of techniques to employ, its worth aligning your self with an expert here, it can have a dramatic effect on your business.

5. Mobile Responsiveness:

Every year more and more online activity happens on mobile devices. This trend is not looking to curb off. With so many different devices, screen sizes, browsers and platforms, controlling how your website looks and performs in each of these variants requires a responsive website. Having a website the works well in each different device can vastly improve the user experience. The process to be fully responsive is not always simple, but with so much riding on it, and only increasing, its effort well worth making. To read more about this check out our article here


Each of these elements of your website play an important roll in your online success. Each business will have a different hierarchy of importance, but every business should be aware of, and make efforts in, all these areas. It is often hard to see how the specific placement of a link, or the color of your text, or some hidden words that nobody sees, can make a big impact on your business. But there is a reason an entire industry has been created to offer these services and why so many businesses invest so much into them. They work and they can be the keys to success for your business online.

If you have questions about any of these areas, or would like us to assess your website in relation to these factors, we would be happy to help. There is a wealth of information on our blog surrounding many of these subjects. For enquiries or questions Call Us (877) 397.7605 or Email Us:

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