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Thursday, 14 August 2014
Business Success Tips: Stand Out, Create Appeal & Maintain Trust

There are two key components to securing business online: Appeal and Trust. Every business now has competition, both locally and from the global reach of the Internet. It's also undeniable that the online presence of your company has become a prime piece of marketing real estate for your company. Today you have potential customers looking for the services you offer, they do an online search and compare companies without them ever knowing they are there. Business opportunities are won and lost in this way, every second of every day. Your business must be a contender, and to be successful here, there are a number of elements to consider. Obviously you need to appear on the search result to even be a contender (To learn more about this read our earlier blog on 5 Tips for Better Google SERPs ) Today we are going to address two important elements once a potential customer has landed on your website.


Appeal is obviously vague, but intentionally so. You have to consider several things specific to your market, in order to understand how to make your product appealing. And no longer simply good, but it must be better than the rest. This seems obvious, but many businesses today still don't spend enough time analyzing their competition. (read our blog on Why You Should Google Yourself.) So appeal becomes a two-pronged attack: understanding your audience and being aware of your market. You need to be sure that your style, message and attitude are going to attract your customer base. This means across all platforms of website, social media, print and online history. Any signs of wavering or change or even a past review could cause a sense of mistrust that will prevent the potential customer from following through to conversion. Once you have assessed yourself against these markers, you want to then compare yourself to the other businesses vying for the customer's attention. Spotting how you differ can help you defend against weakness but also amplify where you excel.

This process is essential for every business. But there are elevated levels of marketing for those who swim in a saturated pool of contenders and need to stand out to survive; that is, creating campaigns, gimmicks or promotions. These are generally a slightly more provocative and/or creative endeavor. They often seem a little more risky as you are more "out of the box." However in a market place that becomes thicker with competition, this is how you can really set yourself apart. There are numerous examples of campaigns that have been extremely successful and those that have not been. Most often these things fail or succeed based on them maintaining one key component; trust.


Every truly successful business maintains a core following of loyal customers. These are your advocates. Your advocates are your most important audience as they do two wonderful things: spread your message and create trust, (and mostly for free) Today we often assess this group online and feed them and empower them there. But this essential group of followers is not new to business success. Any business owner that you speak to who has been around for 5+ years and still has no real marketing efforts in place is working from "word of mouth.", This referral technique has been keeping great businesses alive for centuries. It is the true sign of a good company. However, that ability to allow our customers to share with their circle is a changing platform. Communication itself has shifted from person to person, to social network to social network. Or even simply email and text. We need to just give our advocates the simple tools they need to share your spectacular company in these arenas. We also need to make it easy for all our customers to give their reviews in the form of testimonials., Depending on your business type these can appear on review sites such as yelp, Google+, Angie's list, Better Business Bureau, the list goes on. You should also have these positive reviews on your website and they should be placed specifically around conversions and calls to action.

We wanted to do that would be able to do both of these things at once. Something that would help us standout, entertain and instill trust. We decided to test this out with the rebirth of our old company character, Immortal Lloyd. We decided to bring Lloyd back from the future to read some real reviews and testimonials from our clients. We wanted to present these in a new way and so we made short video testimonials, read by Lloyd, in his usual wacky style., Now we know that a comical persona like this does not work in all arenas, but it is a simple and effective way of entertaining and instilling trust, at the same time. We think many companies could benefit from these types of videos. We could create your own character; we could keep it straight or even give a voice to the real customers. There are a number of options and this is just one idea in the effort to engage your audience. Watch our most recent post from Lloyd:


If you are interested in creating video testimonials for your company or exploring different ideas to help you stand out from the crowd email us: or call us: 877 397-7605

Posted on 08/14/2014 9:51 AM by Mark McGowan
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