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Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Powerful & Versatile Website Builder - The 111 CMS

111 Web Studio's powerful and versatile CMS has a host of features built in that are hard to come by with any other content management system. Unlike WordPress, Drupal or other CMS systems, 111 does not need plugins to provide all the capabilities you might need. Best of all, we can put any design on top of your content, making it quick and cost effective when you need a redesign in the future because your content doesn't have to change or be reentered.

Getting Started

The main menu screen of your site administration area is a quick jumping off point for getting where you need to go to manage every aspect of your website. It's broken into three sections - Design, Content and Administration. In the design area, you can choose from a variety of free templates, design a unique custom website yourself or have us do it for you allowing you to completely ignore this area. You'll spend most of your time in the Content Area managing your pages, eBlast, blog, cart and so on. In the admin area, you will find your administrator login tools, built in site statistics and other helpful tools.

Set Up Pages

The pages area is where you will probably spend most of your time. Here's where you can select from a variety of page types that are preformatted to give you the easiest way to display various types of content. There is a normal text and image page type, a gallery page with an array of display options, classifieds pages, media pages, news or FAQ pages, forms, links, location map, sitemap, site search, weather, project pages for collaboration, RSS feeds, calendar, guest book and more. You can quickly display or hide your pages on your site navigation from here. You can change the sort order and jump quickly to the detail editing page for such page types as the gallery or news pages.

Simple Editor (WYSIWYG)

When you create or edit a page, the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is easy to understand and use. If you require extra functionality, the Page Settings, Additional Content section, SEO Settings and Other Settings all provide enhanced and powerful options. For example, any page on your site can have a unique design, can be password protected or can include a slide show or embedded video content. The built in SEO tools are used to maximize the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts. The 111 CMS has been tested by many third party SEO optimization tools and is under constant improvement to meet new requirements as they come on the scene.

Build Custom, Secure Forms

One of the most useful tools in the content management system is the form builder. You can create both regular forms or secure forms with a variety of elements including Text Only - No input, Single Line Text Question, Multi Line Text Box, Email Address, Single Check Box, Radio Button, Drop List, Jump Menu, File Attachment, Date Field, State List, Country List and Credit Card Number. Form results can be emailed, saved in a database or both and you can opt to not receive information from a form at all or receive only a notification email that a form was filled out so you can log in and get the data later. This is handy for secure or private information like HIPAA protected content.

Integrated Blog Widget

If you need a blog, the one that's built into your 111 content management system has some very handy features you will appreciate. First, it self syndicates, sending your posts to all the appropriate places as soon as you "Publish" an article. You can write articles and save them in Draft mode for publication later and you can even schedule your posts to be published on a time and date of your choosing. Each article can include key words for good search engine placement and you can upload a thumbnail image associated with your article. You can choose to allow comments, but if you do, the comments are marked pending until you approve them in order to avoid spam or abuse.

Send Targeted Email Campaigns

The built-in eBlast email marketing system is perfect for sharing all your important messaging. You can set up groups of people or send your email blast to the entire list. Any address can be a member of any number of groups. Cost is based on the size of your subscribed list which allows you to send unlimited messages to the list without penalty. The email template builder is designed for flexibility and can be made to send responsive (mobile-friendly) email messages. You get a graphical representation of your results as the system tracks opens, clicks and forwards and will tell you which recipients interacted with your message.

Statistics, E-Commerce, Live Streaming & More!

The Build111 and Church111 CMS systems have a great number of other features including built-in site statistics, a full-featured e-commerce shopping cart with inventory management and interfaces with a host of payment gateways, a built in live streaming service, a simple CRM (customer relationship manager) for keeping track of your interactions with people, a members section with optional photo directory, message boards, live chat rooms, built-in accounting features for billing, and more. There is even a booking system for organizing appointments.

Business, Non Profit, Church or Personal - We Do It All!

Whether you need a website for an individual, small busines, a church, a non-profit, an ecommerce business, a chamber of commerce, a homeowners association or anything else, the 111 CMS has everything you need to present your content in a handsome and professional manner and have a leg up getting it found on search engines. If you have any questions about this or any other web related issue or if you need to improve your search engine placement, please give us a call at 877.397.7605 or contact us for more information.

Posted on 08/18/2015 10:33 AM by Customer Service
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