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Wednesday, 27 May 2015
Mobile Exceeds Desktop! Is Your Website Ready?

What You Need To Know...

⇒ More People Are Using Mobile Devices BUT they still keep those Pc's and Laptops humming so Your Website HAS to work great on both!

⇒ Need another reason to get Mobile Friendly? Google now displays mobile friendly websites higher on mobile searches and also lets people know which of their mobile search results, are mobile friendly.

⇒ Why Does Google Prefer Mobile Friendly Websites? Google knows a mobile site performs better and that brings value to the result. That's Google's no.1 goal to bring the best result to their customer. So even if your business is the top result now, if you do not make the transition to a responsive, mobile friendly website, you may quickly find yourself sinking down the results page.

What even is a 'Responsive' or 'Mobile Friendly' Website?

We are viewing websites through a variety of different devices all with different screen sizes and dimensions. Traditional website development was not equipped to deal with these changes. How a website should display on your office PC and your phone is completely different! ,A responsive website will recognize the device it is being seen from and adapt it's structure and display style to be optimal to that screen. It makes a world of difference! People know it, Google knows it.

Here's An Example..


But Does My Business Need It?

Every single business with any online engagement needs to make strides toward being mobile friendly. From a 1 page splash page to a fully integrated ecommerce business, and everything in-between. The mobile age is no longer approaching.. It has arrived. You may be thriving now and you may be the top result now, but if you don't continue to stay relevant in this way, you may be trailing another pack leader this time next year.

How Do I Make My Website Mobile Friendly?

What is required will depend what you have now. Some websites can be adjusted to be made responsive. If your website already needs a design facelift then this is a great opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. The best way to find out is to have us look over your website and let you know.

Get Started making your website Mobile Friendly
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Posted on 05/27/2015 11:42 AM by Mark McGowan
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