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Tuesday, 6 January 2015
Do the New Dot Word Domains Get Better SEO?

Some folks are getting excited about the new dot word domains like .hotel because they imagine they will get better search results with them. At this point, we are told this is indeed their imagination. While some initial evidence has made some researchers speculate whether the new dot word TLDs might do better than others, Google says no. It's more likely the results of those analyses are just an aberration caused by too small a sample size in the research or ignoring other factors like good online marketing and content. Google's John Mueller recently wrote on the subject again to restate that there is no inherent ranking advantage to using the new TLDs

It is true that you may get a little boost if your domain name is related to your key words. However, this is not something your should worry about if you don't have it. Having content that is related to your keywords is so much more powerful, that it overwhelms the importance of your domain name. It's also true that brand new domains don't do as well as those that have been around for a while, so switching to a new TLD would hurt more than help, certainly initially. And having more than one domain pointing to your site isn't a good idea either. When you have multiple domains pointing to the same place, your content is diluted because it can be seen as duplicate which is negative for good SEO.

The bottom line is that as in most things in life, there is no magic bullet that lets you bypass hard work. All these small factors are really insignificant when compared to the power of syndicating your unique, relevant content to establish yourself as the thought leader or subject matter expert in your field that you really are. That's where the most bang for your buck is gained. Good old honest SEO will always prevail, so as usual, don't go running around like your hair is on fire about the next new, new thing. Stay calm. Slow and steady wins this race.

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Posted on 01/06/2015 9:59 AM by Customer Service
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