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Thursday, 11 December 2014
Custom Programming Case Studies

When building an online business system or web based custom program, it's nice to know your web development programming resource has the experience and knowledge to get the job done. At 111 Web Studio, we have been confronted with a wide range of interesting challenges over our two decades of custom programming. This gives us the ability to minimize the cost of new projects and build on past tools and techniques for a superior result. In addition to checking out our portfolio for some examples of our front end work, here are a few interesting case studies of past projects so you can get a feeling for what goes on behind the scenes:

Distributor Portal:,A large multinational corporation needed a two way communications platform for their managers to more efficiently interact with distributors and help the distributors do more business with their customers. 111 Web Studio helped define requirements and created the tool that allows managers to collaborate with distributors to establish and monitor regular business plans, provide product news and notifications, help them with customer outreach, provide customer performance reporting and all the while interfacing with internal corporate databases.

Opportunity Management System:,A global steel supplier needed an online business system for managing incoming opportunities and turning them into final sales. The system was built by 111 Web Studio to the customer's specifications and allows them to automatically enter incoming opportunities, easily filter them so only the ones that fit their model are processed further, quickly and accurately determine which they should spend time chasing, efficiently source the opportunity from their large list of potential vendors, assemble and send out their quotations, negotiate with the customer, establish a final sale and manage after-sale items such as scheduling and shipping.

Conference Registration and Management:,The client required a unique system that enrolls and manages participants, facilitates communication via email and text between organizers and participants, provides for online payment with consideration for discounts, allows uploading of resource files, creates and assembles PDFs on the fly from those resources, provides a review and approval process, produces multiple dynamic invoices and reports and interfaces with third parties for single sign on capability. The system also provides for the assembly of teams, manages team assignments and room assignments.

Rental eCommerce Site:,We have created a great many e-commerce sites, but this client required a unique take on e-commerce for an equipment rental business. In additional to normal e-commerce sales, the online system had to deal with deposits for rentals and delayed card charging to meet the legal requirements for this type of online commerce. The client has both online and in-store sales as well as timing issues related to inventory control and scheduling of rented equipment.

Online Education:,We have built several online learning systems and education related websites over the years for clients, but two stand out. One is a system designed to manage students and tutors that helped turn a small business into a large one resulting in acquisition by,a national player in the industry. The other is a unique course and student management system that allows anyone who wants to teach an online course to upload their course and easily manage the entire process of dealing with their students from testing to payment.

If you have a need for a custom web based solution to a problem being faced by your business, please give us a call at 877.397.7605 or contact 111 Web Studio and we will help you think through the opportunity and then make it happen.


Posted on 12/11/2014 9:55 AM by Customer Service
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