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Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Build111 Web Hosting and CMS Site Builder

Many of our clients have discovered the joys of quickly and easily editing their own content through use of our Build111 or Church111 content management system (CMS) and website builder platforms.

History of CMS

Soon after we started in 1995, we recognized the importance of content management for clients who required timely or frequent changes to their web sites. For those clients, the high cost of frequent updates or a delay in posting a time-sensitive update made an effective CMS a necessity. To solve the problem, we implemented several Perl scripts that allowed site administrators to view and edit their web content. There was a search script that could search a flat file, a form script that could write to the file and a replace script that could edit an existing row in the file. While functional and quite powerful, the platform was rudimentary by today's standards. But it was truly awesome for the time and put the power of content management into the hands of clients where it belonged. One of the very first web programming languages that allowed us to talk directly with relational databases was ColdFusion. We jumped on board quickly and were soon writing custom content management systems to do specific admin tasks for managers wishing to edit their web content. It wasn't long before these systems started looking a lot alike and we recognized the opportunity to build a universal CMS for low budget clients, especially churches, who needed to do lots of updates. To meet this need, our Church111 website builder and content management system was created. The first version launched on April 6, 1999 and it has gone through several revisions since then including the addition of a non-church version in 2004 that, of course, became know as Build111.

Build111 Content Management System

Today, the Build111 website builder not only retains the power to provide administrators the ability to edit their own content, but it adds ease of use and amazing flexibility and control through a variety of widgets and tools. Anyone who comes to Build111 from another platform remarks on how intuitive and easy to use it is in comparison to their previous platform. But despite the ease of use, the system is deep and powerful for users who are not afraid to dig in and explore. Here are some highlights of the Build111 CMS.

  • You get unlimited use of a variety of page types including standard text and image pages, image and video gallery pages, media (audio and video) pages, news or FAQ pages, interactive forms, external links, incoming RSS feed pages and classifieds pages.
  • A suite of single use pages include a guest book, a site search, a site map, a weather lookup, a location map page, a site calendar, and others.
  • Any page in the site can be password protected or even just protected by the request for an email address from a visitor.
  • The system has a host widgets for enhancing your site including the ability to add a slide show on any page, a web poll, a scrolling announcement, news teasers, a site calendar widget, affiliate management and others.
  • Optional features include a blog, members area with built in eBlast email marketing tool, a built in phone app that gets its content from your site, e-commerce shopping cart and secure forms that can accept credit cards.

Email Included

Of course, like all our hosting, Build111 comes with robust email for your domain. Ten mailboxes, POP or IMAP, are included with each domain at no additional cost along with unlimited aliases and forwards. Extra mailboxes are available at $1/mo each in lots of 5. We have a sophisticated spam and virus filter, called spam111 (what else?) as well.

If you have any questions about Build111, Church111, other content management options available to you or about any other 111 Web Studio services, please call us at (877) 397-7605 or contact us for more information.

Posted on 06/03/2014 10:02 AM by Customer Service
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