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Tuesday, 15 April 2014
111 Cart Improvements

At 111 Web Studio, we are always improving our systems to meet the needs and requests of our customers. The latest notable improvement has been to the shopping cart in Build111 and Church111 website builders and content management systems. Changes and upgrades include the following:

Featured Item:

You can tag any product in your shopping cart as a Featured Product: Under 'Additional Details' in the product admin, you'll find a button to make that product a Featured Product. There's also a new Template Widget called "Featured Products" that has only a few settings (A heading label and a max count). Once you have assigned Featured Products, you will find a link to 'Featured Products' under Product Administration - Products on the main Cart admin page. From there, you can set the order in which your featured products will display or remove them from the list. On the front-end, featured products are displayed in the widget with a single image, a title and any optional Featured Product Notes. No pricing logic is automatically displayed. The visitor must select a featured product and go to the product detail page to see pricing and additional information. You could add a comment in the Featured Product Notes such as "Starting at $89.99" if you want to include pricing in the widget.

Show In Stock Only - Show All:

This feature provides a toggle with the ability for site visitors to show only items in stock or to show all items. This requires the site administrator to use the cart inventory system.

"Notify Me When In Stock" feature:

When stock is added back into inventory for an item, customers who asked to be notified will be sent an email.

Wish List:

The 111 shopping cart wish list feature allow customers to log in and create a wish list of items.

Featured Video:

The 111 site builder system has always had a News or FAQ type page. Each news item sports a field to plug in an embed code from YouTube or Vimeo for example. To use the feature, upload your videos to the third party service, copy the embed code they provide and paste it into the 111 news or FAQ item. The Sort Order can be used to determine which item is 'Featured'. The ones that are listed to display first can be labeled as 'Featured Videos' by using the news widget on your home page. Another method would be to use the gallery page type which also offers video as well as image display capability.

Product Images:

We have enhanced the product image display with small, clickable images that show up now in the cart. Clicking them displays a larger view.

Product Videos:

Products now have the ability to add an embed code to videos for each product - just upload the video to YouTube, grab the embed code, and paste into the new field on the product.

We hope you enjoy these new shopping cart features.  If you are interested in learning more about the 111 cart or other 111 features, let us know and we will be happy to assist. Give us a call at (877) 397-7605, contact us or chat live on-line to get the most from your Build111 or Church111 web site.

Posted on 04/15/2014 10:22 AM by Customer Service
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