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Important: Discontinued Support for TLS 1.0. Upgrade Browsers Today!

Websites using HTTPS or secure pages on their websites will no longer work with certain outdated browsers. What does this mean for you?

1. If you use the internet you should make sure the browser you are using is updated. This means Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.. etc.

2. If your website uses secure pages or https pages you should also communicate this to your audience to let them know.

Most of you will have nothing to do as a result of this change because newer web browsers are all in compliance and have been for a while. If you are using an older browser or operating system, read on...

You may remember our announcement in May about discontinuing TLS v1.0 support in June of 2016. We tried to discontinue support back in May, but too many browsers had not yet been updated and couldn't adjust to the change. Since then, Visa has thought more about this and decided to move their drop-dead date back a year.

In a necessary response to this change, we will be disabling TLS v1.0 at the end of the workday on Thursday 7/16/2015 due to requirements for PCI compliance. Per Trustwave's normal procedures, we had submitted a request for an exception but it was denied. Luckily, since the last time we tried doing this the main offender, Apple, has released updates to the older versions of the Safari browser.

If you have trouble connecting to any of our https:// sites, you will need to verify that all updates available have been installed for your operating system and browser. While most browsers will update automatically, you may remember that because IE versions 8, 9 and 10 have the appropriate functionality disabled by default, you must enable it manually by following the instructions in this video.

As always, if you have any questions about this or other website related issues or if you need a secure web hosting environment, please give 111 Web Studio a call at 877.397.7605 or contact us for more information.

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