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Why Did You Post That!?

I speak with a lot of business owners struggling with the idea of bringing on someone to create their content or help managing their social media and blog. A lot of folks have heard from our previous posts, about the importance of content, and they think "how hard can that be?" Well, to do the basics, it should not be incredibly difficult, if you plan your posts with intention. You have to think through why you are creating this content, whether it's a page on your website, a blog article or a simple tweet. Every time your business sends out content online it should have a predesigned purpose. Beyond just its purpose, you should adapt the message to the target reader; figure out what will engage them specifically. There should be strategy to all of it.

It's no surprise to me that a lot of businesses don't see much return on their posts; they are not predesigned for their intentions. Sending out content that is bland and unfocused is an exercise in futility. Now it is still better than doing nothing, but since you have a powerful tool at your disposal, you should use it.

Another issue I see often with companies is posting inappropriate content. Everything a potential customer can see online about you should be an orchestrated, cohesive message.

So if you are a prestigious investment group and you happen to come across a odd picture of a man holding a large rodent that you think is amusing, think first: does this really capture my company's message?

This may take you one step back and really ask yourself: who you are as a company? Questions such as this are a vital element to branding. Every company no matter how big or small should be asking themselves in depth questions concerning the branding of their company. (This will be our blog next week so look out for that!) Once you have a clear picture of who you are, you can then assess each piece of content you intend to post against this branded message; does it compliment? Or does it detract? Or does it simply have no relation at all?

Understanding this process is key to online marketing success. It does take time and it does take skill. Every tweet doesn't have to be trying to sell something, but it should be a part of your over all goals. It's perfectly fine for your goal to be entertainment for your audience, as long as it is in keeping with your message. If we want people to think of your company as fun and accessible, then entertainment is great. This intentional creation of content is also much easier to analyze for effectiveness. Each post should have a call to action attached to it. Whether it is signing up for an email, buying a product, watching a video or sharing a message. Each of your posts needs to have that thought out next step and it should be obvious to your readers, what to do next. Making that next step is a conversion and indicates success in your online marketing efforts. Is your audience on the path you designed for them? Is your online reputation clear and cohesive? Is your online marketing predesigned and intentional? If you have any doubts about any of these things and would like to ask me some questions feel free to shoot me a email: I will be glad to help your business achieve the best it can in its online reputation and marketing.

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