Date: 02/03/2021
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Responsive design for a mobile ready website

What is responsive design?
If you want your web site to work well on any device from a desktop to a laptop to a tablet held vertically or horizontally to a phone, then you need responsive design. 111 Web Studio has been using HTML5 and CSS to create very cool responsive sites for several years. These sites "respond" to the width of the viewing device and deliver their content in a way that is appropriate for that screen size. Not only do images get smaller, but buttons may change to work with fingers instead of a mouse and some content may actually move around so mobile devices get the best view for them. Responsive design is a way to combine design for desktops with mobile web design in the same website.

How can I see if a site is responsive?
To check whether a site is responsive or not, just open it in a browser on a desktop computer. Grab the side of the browser window and move it to narrow the width of the window. As you do, notice what happens to the website. If it changes as you get narrower, the site is responsive. To see an example, try it on ICG Link's site or on 111 Web Studio. Both work on all size screens.

How can I get my site to be responsive?
Responsive design will cost a little more because the site must be designed several times for the different views. A lot of thought goes into determining the best content presentation. The good news is that just about any design can be made to be responsive. Give us a call and we will be happy to evaluate your site and let you know what it will take in your case.

If your site needs a redesign, this is a great time to make it responsive because we can design the site from the ground up in such a way as to minimize the cost. Give us a call at (877) 397-7605 or email for more information.

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