New Client Setup

Most clients have fired agencies such as ours over the years and are wary as a result. Studies have shown that managing expectations, demonstrating ROI or other results, and regular contact helps mitigate the problem.


Each client should be told about what to expect up front including such things as:

  • We will bug them because their own voice is needed for success
  • They can expect the following reporting
  • They can expect the following contact frequency
  • Don't forget to ask for referrals from clients once you establish a rapport


  • Every client should have a Google Analytics account.
  • Our server statistics are available for each client we host
  • Report tweets that are RT'd by an influencer
  • Report FB engagement

Contact Frequency

  • $299: One voice or email contact per month during which you gather information for posting during the month.
  • $599 and up: More should be attempted, but this depends on the client. In person / Skype visits are good if time.

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