Thursday, 25 June 2015
Make it Real for Great Search Results. Fakers are Losers!

Those looking for a fast buck are always pushing the limits, testing the angles and looking for an opportunity where it really doesn't exist. Every time some new tool comes along to help honest people make decisions on who they should trust, there are those who would exploit those tools in an effort to gain a momentary advantage. When they do, that advantage never lasts for long. 

Did you ever hear some one say, "Man, we had great search listings but Google changed something and we fell off the first page and now we're trying to work our way back again." This only happens to website owners who are looking for an advantage to which they are not entitled. If you stick to honest and sincere methods for improving your SERP (search engine results page) listings, you'll never experience it.

The latest tool to fall victim to this sort of manipulation is customer reviews. People tend to trust others who have had an experience with a product or service more than they trust the business promoting that product or service. And who can blame them. If Giant Corp says their widgets are awesome, you might give one a try, but if a hundred people who have used their widget say it's awesome, it's a whole lot easier to plunk down a couple of shekels with confidence that you're not making a mistake.

If you think about it, the idea that someone might try to fake positive reviews is not particularly hard to believe and warnings about it have been around for some time. So the fact that authorities have begun taking fake reviews and paid endorsements seriously enough that they are now prosecuting them should be no surprise. In fact, business like Amazon have announced that they are using machine learning to identify and remove sponsored reviews while governments have ramped up their enforcement efforts. It's about time. People trust reviews and they should be able to do so without the worry that they might be being fooled.

Fortunately there are ways for website owners to get good search results and keep them over time regardless of how search engines change their algorithms. In fact, customers of 111 web studio have either stayed where they are or improved their search engine results when search engines make changes. We do this with a shockingly simple approach. We give search engines what they want. 

If you'd like to learn more about what 111 Web Studio can do to get your business noticed on search engines, please give us a call for a free evaluation and an honest opinion. Call 877.397.7605 or Contact Us for more information. 



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Tuesday, 2 June 2015
Uploading Sermons to Church111

When uploading sermon audio files to your Church111 church website, you quickly realize that these files can take a long time to upload and can take up a lot of space on your site. File compression is the answer to this issue and for sermons, it works really well becuase the content is mostly voice rather than music. However, while churches primarily upload sermon audio files to their websites, file compression can work on any audio file without doing much damage to sound quality.

File compression helps in a couple of ways. One is to save space on your website. A second, user-friendly reason to do this is that a smaller file is easier and faster for the user to load, listen and share.

The best audio format to use is mp3. It is the standard audio format that most computers, smart phones, and other media players and devices can read. We recommend that you record your audio files in the mp3 format.

In order to compress audio files, you need an appropriate software program. We recommend iTunes, Windows Media Player or Audacity (available for Windows or Mac).

Here's how to compress mp3 audio files before uploading the file to your website.

  • Open the mp3 file in the audio application
  • Go to File > Export Audio (options vary with applications)
  • Click Options
  • Set the Quality to 32kbs and press OK
  • Press Save and then OK

Once you have created the compressed mp3 you'll need to upload it to your website admin area.

  • Go to your Pages section
  • Media Download page
  • Add new
  • Fill in information, select your mp3
  • Save

If you need assistance with this or other website issues or if you need a church website of your own, please call Church111 at 877.397.7605 or contact us for more information. We also offer live streaming of your church services so you can reach shut-ins or out of town parishoners.

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