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Are You Flushing Your Marketing Money Down The Toilet?

Without a well-planned strategy for your Landing Page, you could be.

You already understand that online marketing is essential. You are using organic SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email and maybe even some Ad Words or PPC. People are finding their way to you through these efforts, but you are not seeing increased sales or conversions. The problem may very well be your landing page, (if you even have one.) Failing to create a well designed and well thought out landing page is tantamount to flushing your marketing dollars down the toilet.

Don't Flush Your Marketing Dollars Down The Toilet Read These Tips…

The Headline Is Vital To The Success Of Your Page

The sub-headers are important too.

This is Marketing 101 but if you don't immediately engage your audience in the top headline they wont go any further. They need to know you are the answer to a problem. Not just any problem, their specific problem.  The one they were trying to solve when they clicked on your ad.

They came to you via a specific path. Understanding that path will guide everything we do on the page.

[Pro Tip If you look at your page and read the headers and the sub-headers, you should be able to understand fully the purpose of the whole page without going any further.]

Consistent Messaging.

Your copy and design need to nurture your reader. Don't jar them with dramatic changes.

You have ads out saying " Nashville's Premier Dog Grooming Hotel " with a picture of your logo. When they arrive on your landing page they should see " Nashville's Premier Dog Grooming Hotel " with a picture of your logo. They should feel a very natural progression. This will bring a sense of reassurement to your visitor.

Consistency and even repetition are techniques often employed to make a customer feel trust and be engaged.  Consistency and even repetition are techniques often employed to make a customer feel trust and be engaged. Consit… ok you get the idea.

It may seem odd and I don't suggest repeating sentences back to back, but on a page of content, repeating important content can have the effect of making your reader increasingly comfortable with your messaging. The old public speaking method still works: "Tell them what you're going to say, then say it and then tell them what you said."

Use clear, simple fonts and not too many. Use attractive, complimentary colors, but not too many. Use high quality graphics that compliment and enhance the copy and message.  A symbiotic effort between a great designer and professional writer, can help bring alive the copy.

Concise copy, written in short, absorbable bites will be easier for your reader to take in. There should be no sections or paragraphs more than five lines long.

"Large blocks of text are the leading cause of landing page failures says 9 out of 10 Social Marketing experts" (**made up fact)


  • Use Bullet Points instead of long, comma filled sentences.
  • Bullet Points are easier to take in when you scan a page.
  • Don't just list facts here, create curiosity and inspiration.
  • This also helps break up the page.

One Goal To Rule Them All

Offer your audience one Call To Action. Don't muddy the message with alternate ways out…

This landing page and the marketing effort as a whole should have one main focus. This landing page should then have one Call To Action. Offering them this golden ticket should feel natural and easy for them. But people are easily distracted and will, if offered, circle the conversion if given half a chance. You can have the same Call To Action multiple times. You can have a long page with a variety of images and information, surrounded with testimonials and Social Proof, but it should all point to one door.

This means your landing page should have no navigation. No choices between door A and door B. In rare occasions there could be a secondary CTA but it should be clear in your design and layout, which is the preferred one, and then hide the other away somewhere.

Surround Your Audience with Comfort

Answer their questions; show them why they should trust you.

Depending on the size of commitment you are asking your audience to make will have some bearing on your page. Generally speaking the larger the commitment, the more copy. The bigger the cost, the more questions you answer. Also the more innovative or unknown your product is, the more content there needs to be.

Creating an FAQ on the page that answers most of the questions a customer might ask will reduce the reasons for them not to convert. Explaining fully your offer leaves no need for doubt. And well placed testimonials and social proof on the page at the time of conversion can help reassure any hesitation there may be.

Tailor The Page To Your Target

Speak their language and solve their needs.

Too often designers, writers and marketers create their products for themselves. This is a fatal pitfall. Everything you create in your landing page and marketing as a whole should reflect the voice, language and desires of the people you want to reach. Understanding them should be your number one focus. Once you have that, employ these rules and you have a powerful platform to serve and convert.

Test Your Page

Analyzing different strategies on your layout and content can lead to a much higher success rate.

There are a lot of rules, techniques and strategies employed to create a truly effective landing page. There are of course variations on these rules and the only true way to know which is the best path is to run different versions and study your data. You would be surprised to see the difference a color change or rearranged wording can have on people's engagement. Especially the way your Call To Action is presented. On a large scale marketing effort, subtle tweaks can have a massive impact!

So much of our marketing efforts are geared toward traffic. How many people are coming to my website? How many people clicked on my ad? We forget that once those people arrive we have to get a conversion to make the time, money and effort worthwhile. Spending focused time and effort on these rules or employing experts to work with you will be well worth it in the end.

If you need help creating a effective Landing Page or any Marketing Help give 111 Web Studio a call for a free consultation and estimate. We have been helping thousands of clients accomplish their online goals for twenty years and we can help you accomplish yours. Call 877 397-7605 or contact us for more information.

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