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High Impact Web Design: 7 Seconds For A First Impression

They say you have 7 seconds to make a first impression. The same goes for your online presence. More often than not, your website is going to be the first visual representation, a potential client, experiences for your company.  We think that's pretty important. With so much riding on this almost instantaneous moment of judgment, having good web design is more important than ever before. Customers are won and lost in these brief seconds. We want our clients to be heavy weight contenders in their market. There are numerous factors to take into account during the design process. The combination of ascetics, responsive design, user interface and the content and placement of conversion points, all combine to create a cohesive experience for your audience. Here are a few examples from our portfolio that display these attributes:

We created a parallax timeline feed using a mixture of javascript, css, and magic, along with some fancy design to give our client an innovative way to show off their rich history of products. Launch Full Site +

To give our client a responsive, mobile firendly, customer experience, while simplifying their message we moved them to a one page website format. This site uses some simple javascript and our Build 111 CMS to create the one page look using multiple pages in a simple, seamless one page site. We also helped create the logo. And we designed it. We did some consulting to boot. Because that's what we do. Launch Full Site +

We made good use of large, top notch, photography, for a big impact. Displaying photos of things you created or built, in artistic industries, can make for a impressive first impression. This site is a multilayer-ed treasure. If anything, it's worth exploring to see the wonderful buildings this firm has helped bring to life. Oh, and the site is nice to boot. Launch Full Site +

111 Web Studio (A division of ICGLink) has been creating high impact, custom web design for almost 20 years. We understand it's importance and we offer our clients an in depth process of consultation to get the job done right. If your business understands the value of your online presence and needs a little facelift, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you elevate that experience for your audience and make you a top contender in your market place. For more information or to speak with us about this Call: 877-397-7605 or Email:

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