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Thursday, 21 August 2014
Online Marketing: Not Every Bite is the Catch You Want

Online marketing is often labeled a success by producing an increase in traffic. While this is not incorrect, and increased viewership, clicks or re-tweets are nice, without attracting real prospects, there is little to no value to your business. In fact, it can become a drain on your resources. The distraction of following hollow leads, and empty clicks, may mean your time is spent caressing your ego instead of seducing valuable, prospective customers. This is the vital detail left out from the cold call, off-shore, SEO company who tells you they can "increase your traffic by 30%, guaranteed.." While this is all well and good, if none of this traffic is going to eventually result in a purchase or business conversion, it is simply wasted efforts.

If you are going to make the concerted effort to increase your business productivity with online marketing, you need to know whom your prospective customer is. You need to understand them, learn their language, their likes and dislikes. It is a big online dating game, the trick is, you want to make them come to you. Yes that's right, digital marketing, needs to be subtle, it needs to be seductive. You are giving them information, giving them value, and all of this suggests you are the authority in your field. Essentially the bait you are fishing with should be for the catch you want. If you are fishing with antelope on your hook instead of worms, don't be surprised if you reel in a panther instead of a bass. (They are also a real pain to get off the hook!) So while creating any content for your blog, website and social media is good, creating specific, niche, valuable, content that appeals to your customers, is where online marketing can truly elevate your business.

If today you have made no efforts in online marketing at all, I would suggest that just taking the first steps and putting out any content relevant to your field is worthwhile. If you are already making these steps, you see your stats shooting north; it is time to fine-tune your efforts and reel in the catch you want. If you know who your customers are, what do they need? What are the questions they want answers to? What are the tips they will value? If you become a source of high quality information and usable guidance to your prospective client, they wont need a sales pitch; they will knock on your door.

If you have any questions about your companies current SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blog Content, Campaigns or Branding, please give us a call at: 877 397-7605 or email We are always glad to advise how you can improve your business marketing efforts.


Posted on 08/21/2014 11:53 AM by Mark McGowan
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